“To be or not to be. That is the question.”

My future is in development, and this is a question that I am considering a lot.

There is a fine line, and a canyon size gap, between following your own path and being a sought-after commodity.

I think it’s wrong to think of the word ‘commercial’ as being negative or not what you are about. A writer might write their first novel to get something out of themselves, as a testament to them themselves. But in that instance, they also place themselves within the landscape of authors, and potentially the canon of literature. In other words, their work creates a presence and becomes its own entity.

I feel that my path, over the next five years, will be guided within the following framework:

  • Continuing to create and define my own voice within photography, the why and how I use this practice to explore the world as I experience and see it
  • The pursuing personal projects towards creating monographs, books and exhibitions
  • Seeking out collaborations for creating joint-work and projects
  • Developing a presence and visibility within the fine art world, from magazines to galleries
  • The securing commissions based on the vision that is inherent within my thinking and practice
  • I see my work being produced within books, probably which will be self-published to begin within and then (hopefully) developing a relationship with various publishers. I am interested in exhibiting my work (I have had a number of small group exhibitions) as well as develop an inter-disciplinary practice of performance and photography.

Once I feel that I have developed further along with my own projects, I can imagine that there might follow a period of commissions from curators, festivals, galleries and art directors as I look to expand my own practice and develop new thoughts.

Within five years I want to be working solely as an artist within photography and theatre and continue to question, examine and explore the landscape on the horizon.