Nature and Intent of Photography

When thinking about the nature of the photograph and my practice, I can’t help but consider my journey towards photography.

To a large extent, photography has not been something that I have not promoted in my personal work and that only recently, through a number of courses and individual moments, has my work been pushed outside of my own space towards a general public. The photographs taken between 1988 and 1992 remain as negatives stored away, and much of recent work over the last few years are still to be processed.

I guess why I am stating this, is to emphasise my current practice of taking photographs (to a large extent) has no real focus or intention of sharing or promoting. It has mainly been for consumption by myself.

It is through the analysis of ‘why I am interested to take photographs and record those moments that I am interested to capture, will I begin to understand and develop a practice that allows me to consider the nature and the intent of the work I will produce.

Though even as I write this, I feel that I am not considering the whole journey that I am on. Photography has, I have mentioned before, been part of my artistic release and practice, and I guess that the practitioners whose work inspires me, use it as part of their artistic practice and process: involving text, performance, video, installations, online content, etc. I feel I am hinting that photography is only a part of what I am looking at in the nature of my work.

The “Pessoa. My-self. I.” project that began in 2016 on the CPPP course at CityLit is possibly a good example of my work and the nature of my photographic practice. The final intent was an installation as part of the “One Night Only” exhibition in 2017. The construction was a representation of my work (and office), with a combination of self-portraits and street photography taken between 1988-1992 (analogue) and 2015-2017 (digital). Included in the space was a short video of my real home office, reviewing the images and speaking lines and poetry of the poet Fernando Pessoa.

This, I feel, is my current direction and intent. The writings of Szarkowski, Shore, Barthes, Sontag, and others will put in place critical thinking and analysis of the work. The before and after.

For me, the why needs to be examined more.

Video from “Pessoa. My-self. I.” project.