Currently, my practice is focusing on two distinct creative journeys while on the MA at Falmouth University.

The first is to explore the poetic nature and resonance within photography as a phenomenological interrogation of spaces and objects, and how this can be conveyed to and comprehended by the viewer. This will be examined through the project “Remembrance of day-dreams”, which is inspired by my childhood objects and places.

The second journey of my practice is the development, presentation and reception of a performance piece entitled “Pessoa. My-self. I.” Using the life and writings of the writer and poet Fernando Pessoa as inspiration, I am writing a one-man play about a man waiting in a room.

My photography begins with a story. It is rooted in the desire to tell a story, and that story-telling will have a cathartic effect on the viewer or listener. That it will widen their scope of experiences and understanding of themselves and the world around them. That the stories we hear, experience or witness will stay with us throughout our lives.

Travelling through a diverse landscape of different moments: from acting to theatre directing and producing, photography has been a constant source of inspiration and creation.

I am drawn to personal, private and intimate clashes of consciousness within. Where juxtaposition and contradiction are present. It’s about finding a breath, a moment, a stillness. Looking beyond or into a deeper and broader context.