Second 1-to-1 meeting with Laura Hynd.

Essentially this meeting was the first response from Laura to my FMP Proposal.

Laura began by examining the onus upon myself to create the work, and I mentioned that I had reached out to 14 peers to ask them “How this would take my Portrait”.

This initial outreach added a sense of:

  • Collaboration.;
  • Response;
  • Creation;
  • An outside aspect of work to the project.;
  • The work is about perceptions of you;
  • Explore this in depth.

Laura also commented on that fact that there now existed two products: the image to be created and the text that has been submitted. It would be interesting to explore this in more detail and how

There exist now words. There are now 2 products. The artwork and the words. How you can explore then in relation to each other, and how the viewer can then move between each of these different forms, the text and the image, and how each can influence, change, or impact on the other and the final reading of the work by the viewer.

Laura also mentioned that I should research into the photograph being about death, and examine this in relation to self-portraiture.

Work to explore:

  • Performing for the Camera (Jonah Western)
  • Hans Elijelkoon
  • Andy Kassier (conceptual artist)

Final thoughts of the meeting focused asking what the aesthetic for the project is, and to consider such things as: Bringing sound into it; finding a different structure for the presentation; how you want to use the tool (camera) within the project; will the final images have the same same feel/look or be individual.

Essentially, they are going to be you that is creating them but is there another way to think about this.