As the module comes to a head, here is the first draft of my WIPP for Surfaces and Strategies.

There are images still to be added, and the film versions are still to be scanned. I have also added too many of the same type, but at this point, I am looking to solicit a response from tutors and fellow cohorts.

Comments received

Some lovely tones in this work, I really enjoy that dark black, reminds me of printmaking. These images have a nice sequence too. This is such a nice series, such an interesting reflection on what  we are experiencing these days. (De Ferrier, 2020.)

Great series. It really works very well and one really gets into this very human narrative. I love your portraits in the shower and in the kitchen. They tell so much. However, I feel there are too many plates ( 4 images altogether). Though I am aware that food is central in confinement, But I am sure you could change at least one of them (there are 3 images of plates following each other) slightly. (Isabelle Boutriau, 2020.)

I really like the plate shots, I would just sequence a bit more and have them tying the other images together …. our meals have tied us to time and place in lockdown, so I think this would be a good thread to have running through it. I would probably edit out one of you at the desk as I think you only need one (I would go for the blurred motion one personally) , and probably only one window one as well.

I love the tones and richness of depth in some of the images, the one of the crossword , the first plate shot, the last window shot, you can almost feel them. Fab work. (Bekkie Graham, 2020)

Been thinking since the webinar, in regards to your sequencing re:window that in a sense the window being both the opening and the closing to the series is actually an interesting idea – sort of like the opening and closing of the stage curtain? (Jasmine Murray, 2020.)